My Mission for Pet Sitting & for Overnights: 

I provide pet sitting service for your animals at your own home only. 

I provide daily walks and  overnight assignments.  On overnights, 

 I pick up your mail, newspaper, packages at the door and take 

 the trash cans to the curb and water the plants.  I arrive at 6 PM,

 leave at 7-8 AM feeding and walking the dogs both times.  This

 service is $67 for the overnight, $25 for the return day walk, 

 the next day  and $27 for an extra night walk from 5-8 PM.

I do the overnight visits at very neat, clean, homes.


I have a team of professional pet sitters working for me, so you will 

always receive service.  We will follow your pet instructions for each 

of your animals on every assignment.  Leave the new instructions on the kitchen counter. Leave the check, food, meds, treats, and leash all on the kitchen counter each time.  Please make an extra key for me to keep.


Dog Rates:          $25 for a day visit          (7AM-4 PM)

                            $27 for a night visit (5-8 PM) 

              3 or more animals an extra $5 per day.

Cat Rate:             $22 per visit                                  

 Horses:               $25 per visit- feed and fresh water only.

Overnights:         $67 



                             My Professional Background:  

I was a top sales representative for 20 years selling legal publications. I am now retired with The Bureau Of National Affairs, Incorporated which has been purchased by Bloomberg.

I have travelled the world extensively and will continue to do so once a year.  I have a passion for cultural events, working with children orphanages, playing tennis, swimming and enjoying my two successful Sons and their families that live in the area. I am involved with my church activities in projects that give back to society. 


Areas That I Cover: Carmel Valley to Carlsbad.   

Patricia Plutner    

1762 Pleasantdale Drive, Encinitas, CA. 92024

Cell:  (760) 390 9500