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 Testimonials by my clients:



WOW !!!  You are terrific !!!

We arrived home around 7:30 PM and the "girls" were very happy to see us.  They did however, tell us how much they enjoyed having you as their "buddy" in our absence.  Seriously, Pat YOU ARE AMAZING and we thank you very much for your conscientious pet and house sitting.  Thank you for taking Samantha to the VCA North Coast Animal Hospital at 2 AM when she was choking on a piece of wood. Thank goodness all turned out well.

Tom P. (Olivenhein)

Dear Aunt Pat:

Big snuggles, cuddle and fetch from the Bernard Doggy Trio.  Thank you so, so much!  We appreciate your tender, loving care to our beloved puppies and for staying in our home. You did such an amazing job for us.  You went above and beyond with your wonderful "neat-nik" tendencies.  We loved all the feed back on our babies.  You are a real blessing.  We so appreciate you responsible and professional approach to your business.  Your attitude towards strict policies of house rules for your clients and devotion to standards in pet care is a relief and really impressive.  I feel you really raise the bar in what we can expect for our beloved pets. We feel so lucky to have found you.  See you soon !

Alicia B. (Rancho Santa Fe) 

Hi Pat:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of Sandy this past week.  I apologize for the sticky lock, I appreciate your resourcefulness in rectifying the situation with WD-40.  This shows your experience in your many real estate dealings.

Janet D. (Encinitas) 


We appreciate your note and services in tending to Roxxee!, and we have already recommended you to our neighbors.  Thanks again.

Kelly E. Atty. (Encinitas) 


We had an absolutely wonderful time.  I knew you were the perfect fit for our boyz, thank you so much for taking good care of them.  We'll recommend you to all our North County travelling friends with pets. Thanks for spraying antibiotic on Harry's tail, and keeping it  clean, that was just great.  We will call you for the next visit.

Heidi S. (Lecudia) 

Hi Pat:

Thank you so very much for taking care of the dogs, the house and watering of  the plants.  By the way, the sunflowers are absolutely beautiful.  What a welcome when returning from a trip.  We are able to travel without worries when we know that you are staying in our home.  I remember missing the dogs but we were not concern.  We appreciate you so, so much.  With regards and appreciation.

Maya W. (La Costa) 


It's nice to be home.  You took such good care of our pups and our house.  I'm so glad that you are available to take care of all of our pet sitting needs.  It seems that we take about 10 - 15 trips a year, and it is good to know that you are there for us.  Fondly.

Jim (Carlsbad) 


Thank you for handling the water heater problem in our absence.  When it leaked in the garage, your prompt attention to bringing in our musical instruments into the house quickly so that they did not get wet, was a real God sent.  I'm sending you a Nordstrom gift certificate in appreciate.  You're the best!!

Stephanie S. (Olivenhein) 

Hi Pat,

Can you watch our dogs this week, I know that your rates went up but our "dogs" love you, and you are worth it.  I will leave a check on the kitchen counter.

Bobbi L. (La Costa) 

Thank you so much Pat !!!!  We got your message yesterday, and you really put our minds at ease and we know Dougie is in good hands.  We are sooooo lucky we have to to care for our sweet boy !!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Jenia K. (Solana Beach) 

Pat, you are so organized, thoughtful, delightful and our dogs were so happy.  Thank you for all the loving care.  You can't imagine how much stress you remove from my shoulders.  Thank you so much.  You provide amazing service which opens up a set of opportunities for my husband and I to travel.

Helen (Carmel Valley) 

Pat, thanks for everything.  I know my dogs can be a lot of work, but they're pretty cute too, right?  We would love to have you come again.  Take care.

Mary & John (Lecudia)

I have received over a hundred thank you notes, these are just a few.  I have lived in this area for over 30 years, and my children live here locally as well, and both are successfull business men.

P.S.  I have about 200 thank you notes from my client, that are very pleased with my service.