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Greatest Opportunity

You can have your own busness website for only $10 a month, as good as mine, if not better.

There are no limitations.  It is so easy to make changes yourself as your business grows.

If you would like to start your own "Pet Sitting Business", I will show you how to build a website, order business cards, automate your paper work, and market your business.  There is no inventory involved and you can start part time.  Your income is unlimited and I can mentor you through the process for just $1,500.

Learn from someone who is successful, and has the skills to help you build a very successful business as well.

I am an "affiliate" with Global Domains, International and I have built this wonderful website, for my "pet sitting business" which only cost me $10 a month, and it pays for itself. You can "edit and change " your website on a daily basis by using the GDI tools they provide. 

The opportunities are unlimited to start your own business,  but the first thing you need is a good professional website.  

GDI has the technology advancements.  Building a website is simple!  Getting started is easy. GDI is also a business opportunity. You can work from your home.

You get a paycheck for every referral to GDI. They are the second fastest growing company in San Diego and it is global in 200 countries.  They have technical people to help you build your website from 9 - 3 PM Monday through Friday, and they are located in Carlsbad.

Since I have started my pet sitting business over 7 years ago, I now have the largest pet sitting business in North County.  I have a team of around 10 people at all times to help me with my fast growing company.  They are all college graduates and pet lovers.  I train them extremely well, in order to provide by clients with the best service possible.

I cater to my clients needs, not mine, and I am there for them 24/7 - 365 days of the year.

I can sign you up, mentor you on a personal basis, so that you can be on the road to success.  It is easy, but you have to call me to get started.  I am Pat  Plutner, an Affiliate with GDI which is Global Domaine International.  We build website in most languages and we are in 200 countries.

Call Me:           Pat                 (760) 390-9500.