Pet Sitting & House Sitting

 Services and Rates:

Cat Visits:       Only $19 per visit.

I love taking care of cats, more than one half of my business is cat clients.

I go on daily visits, some times by clients want me there twice a day.

I feed them the dry food, and wet food upon request.  I give them filtered water.

I clean out their litter box on each visit.

I brush them each time, and give them lots of love and attention.

Please contact me by 8 AM any day of the week for pet sitting services that day.

You may call (760) 390 9500 or E-Mail me your request:

No texting please.  Please leave your name, phone # twice, & city where you live.


You may cancel an appointment by 8 AM that day, and there are no cancellation

fees.  I do not charge extra for Holidays and I offer service to my clients

365 days of the year.  

All pet sitting is done at your home.  My services are tailored to your need  I do not take on medically challenged or aggressive animals that bite or nip.

No alarms or cameras on -  during my pet sitting appointments, please.

I do not take animals in my car.  All walks are done in your neighborhood.

Rates Per Visit:

 (Dogs & Horses)

Day walks   (7 AM - 4 PM) 30 minutes                             $20

Night walks (5 PM - 7 PM) 30 minutes                             $22 

Horses   (feed & give water only)                                     $25

More than three animals, it is an extra charge                $  5


Overnights at your clean and neat home                          $64

Overnights at apartments or condos                                 $69

 *  I must have a key to keep for the assignment.

** I do not share an assignment with your relatives or friends.


(House Sit)

Bring in mail, Trash to curb, Water Plants, Etc.                 $19   


Pat Plutner, Owner (760) 390 9500 




Disclaimer:  I have a large pet sitting business, and find it necessary to have assistant when I am booked or traveling.  I can send you a picture of that person ahead of time.